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Disclose Meaning In English


The parties may choose exclusive jurisdiction of a court of a country. However, these documents are legally treated as deeds and are thus binding, unlike contracts, without consideration. View in contextLet the house reveal its own secrets; and, one by one, as they descend the stairs from their beds, let the sleepers disclose themselves. However, the studentmay sign a written release of information which gives the institution the right to disclose the student'srecords tohis or herparents. Source

When presented with a unilateral NDA, some parties may insist upon a bilateral NDA, even though they anticipate that only one of the parties will disclose information under the NDA. onthul, openbaar maak, bekend maak يُظْهِرُ، يُفْشي، يَكْشِف разкривам revelar odhalit, prozradit enthüllen afsløre; røbe αποκαλύπτωrevelar paljastama آشکار کردن؛ فاش کردن paljastaa révéler לְגָלוֹת, לַחשוֹף खोलना otkriti felfed mengungkapkan afhjúpa rivelare show, reveal, expose, discover, exhibit, unveil, uncover, lay bare, bring to light, take the wraps off clapboard façades that revolve to disclose snug interiors show cover, hide, mask, conceal, obscure, veil, Não posso revelar nenhuma informação sobre o informante. https://www.umt.edu/dss/Parents/Confidentiality.php

Disclose Meaning In English

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