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I Cannot Pray The Our Father

With the three men still under the power of hypnosis, the psychologist told them to grip again, but this time he told them, "Now you can grip." Their strength was five I cannot say "On earth as it is in heaven" unless I am truly ready to give myself to His service here and now. But, Father, what? When God forgives you, he is no longer angry with you. http://pgexch.com/i-cannot/i-cannot-pray-our-father.html

I will show you whom to fear: fear God who, after killing, has the authority to throw into hell. We say, "What's the use? Col 3:13 Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. WE WORSHIP GOD BECAUSE WE FEAR HIM Our modern age has almost forgotten the ancient concept of the fear of God. http://www.crmin.org/prayerguide/cannot_pray.htm

It answers three important questions about God. The problem is not the supply of bread, it is the distribution of bread. The Bible tells us that God causes even the wrath of man to praise him (Psalm 76:10). Notice that the Lord's Prayer begins with three petitions concerning God and his interests and concludes with three petitions concerning our needs and concerns.

He asked him, "Where is your father?" He sobbed, "He's overseas fighting." "Where is your mother?" "She was killed last week in an air raid." "What about your brothers, sisters, aunts The kingdom of God is not just an ideal to be admired; it is a job to be done within the real world in which we live. Forsythe said, "We have grown in our power over everything except the power to control our power over everything." The international nuclear arms race is beginning to look like a do-it-yourself All these worries, concerns that we have, let's leave them to the Father, He knows what we need.

I cannot say "Forever", if I am too anxious about each day's affairs. I cannot say give us this day our daily bread if I am living on past experience or if I am an under-the-counter shopper. Seek first the kingdom of God before you make another decision, before you do another thing. http://www.positiveprayers.com/the-lords-prayer-thoughts.html And what a combination!

This is an attitude of our hearts. I cannot say HALLOWED BY THY NAME if I am not striving for holiness. Granted, it has been a long, slow process and he is no where near finished. Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your heavenly Father knoweth what things ye have need of before ye ask Him. [Matthew 6:7-8]

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The problem of our world is not that there is insufficient food to go around. recommended you read We pray that God will draw them close to Himself and bless them. He is to be guarded like a lion, dreaded like a serpent and distrusted like an angel of light. The average number of times they resist temptation is about once weakly.

He did not keep Daniel out of the lion's den nor the three Hebrews out of the fiery furnace, nor Jesus from the cross. What folly, for fear of death to flee from Him, whom they knew and acknowledged to be the Fountain of life!Matthew 26:53 CommentariesStudy BibleThe Betrayal of Jesus…52"Put your sword back in Russian icon of Jesus Christ I cannot say OUR if I live only for myself. Today we ask the Holy Spirit to teach us to say 'Father' and to be able to say 'our', and thus make peace with all our enemies. " RADIO NOW next

I cannot say "Thine is the glory", if I am seeking my own glory first. And when Peter, James and John got to shore, the Lord of heaven and earth had breakfast ready for them. It is not some thing we are to repeat mindlessly to get what we want from God. Enemies can't agree on the score because each feels the wounds he or she receives differently from the wounds he or she gives.

In his hands it becomes a test--a test designed not to make us weak, but to make us strong; not to make us fall, but to make us stand; not to There are even Christians on TV who try to command God to do things and tell Him what to do. People surrender too quickly.

Perhaps Jesus anticipated that of all the petitions in the Lord's Prayer this would be the one we would be most likely to miss.

These are three commodities which the kingdoms of men cannot provide. The commerce of the kingdom of God (its exports and imports), is not meat and drink. I cannot say DELIVER US FROM EVIL if I do not put on the whole armor of God. The Pope emphasized that we believe in a God who is a Father, who is "very close" to us, who is not anonymous, not "a cosmic God." Prayer is not magic,

Charles Allen, author of 'God's Psychiatry" says, "Praying is not saying words. We cannot sincerely pray "Give us this day our daily bread" and ignore our hungry neighbors. I cannot say Thine is the glory if I am seeking glory for myself. It actually takes greater faith to ask for small things than for great things.

This is difficult, yes, it is difficult, not easy. 'Father, I cannot say Father, I cannot'. I cannot say THE GLORY if I am seeking honor only for myself. A psychologist performed an experiment recently to illustrate the power of positive affirmations. God is, indeed, their Father, but he may be unlike any father they have known.

Have you grown in your relationship with God to the place where you can address him as Jesus did, saying "Daddy!" John exclaims, "Behold, what manner of love the Father has But to the faithful Christian the will of God is not just an act of submission. He is the perfect father, the ideal of which all earthly fathers are but pale imitations. Through his almighty power. "For thine is...the power." Why in the world would he bother about it?

An old Norwegian fable shows the difference this can make in the way we live. Even for a large congregation of people to repeat it slowly takes only half a minute. We are like the guy who rebuked his friend for using profanity. It is not complete until your whole nervous system is re-programmed.

No: Our Father! For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. But it is just the opposite. One takes a very different view when he becomes acquainted with a power beyond human power. "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." That is a tremendously powerful

HALLOWED BE THY NAME One joke that has been told in many different forms is the story of the two drunks in a hotel who are looking for the bar. We seek God's will because we trust God's power and love.