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I Cannot Worship A God I Can Beat Up

Vince Thanks for the edifying comment. You would expect a god to make someone bleed. His attitudes about Jesus' macho image are ridiculous. Putting a moral value on wealth either way serves money not God. Check This Out

Zondervan, 2007. RJ's Corner Blog at WordPress.com. %d bloggers like this: About Blog Popular Posts Faith Culture Blogging Family Write31Days Design Workshop Coaching Speaking Contact Select Page The God Who Bleeds Oct 23, Doesn't sound like a pushover or a pansy to me. You know, the guys in fiction (and in life) who can kick your tail seven ways but more violent-minded people wouldn't know it because these guys would rather let someone beat http://www.theopedia.com/mark-driscoll

When he was abused, he did not return abuse; when he suffered, he did not threaten” (1 Peter 2:20-23). Why pretend you are reacting to something outrageous? Still, there's nothing in the apparatus to suggest any structural changes. A more literal reading goes "And making a whip of cords, he drove them all out of the temple, the sheep and oxen." That's the original.

Thank you for casting light in the dark places. Yes Driscoll can sometimes focus too much on the macho characteristics of Jesus and it looks like you do the opposite and focus too much on the meek and gentle side. He wasn't a "pansy" but he was a powerful pacifist who endured the cross and gave us an example to follow. It's not the privileged refuge of Christians, or even of leftist Christians.

In Revelation, Jesus is a prize fighter with a tattoo down His leg, a sword in His hand and the commitment to make someone bleed. If people had spread the Good News more then people would have been more aware of how wrong misogyny, homophobia, and many other issues are. Amos Excellent piece! This is the Jesus I know and recognise.

Evangelical Catholicism Eve Tushnet Fashionable Fallacies FestungArnulfinger Fiat: Responding to God's Call FideCogitActio Flying Stars Fox Valley Families Against Planned Parenthood Fumare Generations for Life Gentle Fuss Gilbert House Catholic Worker That is a guy I can worship. How tragically ignorant. Then I read in Revelation 21 where this same resurrected Rider called Faithful and True, dressed in a robe dipped in blood, comes riding down on a white horse with the

Murray That's a good question, Greg. http://jesuswithoutbaggage.wordpress.com/ jesuswithoutbaggage You are right! Knox took it a step further into application as he fought Bloody Mary and her armies in Scottland. However, I often don't like the ‘we care but ‘they' don't' feel of many author.

LessThanLucid Now, now. his comment is here Hardly surprising or attention grabbing. TheopediaMark DriscollMark Driscoll (b. 1970) is an author, church planter, and conservative evangelical pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA. Your theology seems very Americanised.

Despite to the claims of those who have followed the lead of Augustine, it is farfetched to maintaain that the love of enemies that Jesus commanded "is not a bodily action, Frank The meek that Jesus speaks about are the spiritually meek. I've never read anything in the NT that advises or demonstrates that theory, only the opposite. this contact form A TV weatherman would be more reliable and trustworthy than God's promises.

The Reformed/Presbyterian/Calvanist tradition teaches a hard-nosed, doctrinaire approach to faith that is binary and begins with Original Sin outside of being framed by Original Blessing. He has also contributed to a 4 views book on the emerging church. Yes, this is a violent image.

Abide Vine Don't be insulting.

There are thousands of people in ordinary evangelical churches that think he is saying something mainstream. All rights reserved Why Not 'Like' us on Facebook? In a joint statement, they wrote, "we recognize and confess that Mars Hill has hurt many people within the Mars Hill community, as well as those outside the community…." Salon summarized and/or I just really really hate pop up boxes close Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Cancel Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

I appreciate the original quote and the contrasting statements. Robin My point exactly Alan. I read qutie a few "blogger critics of Christianity" and don't see anyone anywhere portraying Jesus the way Driscoll claims they do. Billyy McMahon wow. navigate here mteston1 . . .

Donate Tony & Shane Red Carpet Store Contact Search taking the words of Jesus seriouslyJoin The MovementLearn More About RLC Blog Church Life Creation & Environment Family & Parenting Global Immigration Jesus was not effeminate. The first ass that Jesus kicks when he comes back may be Driscoll's. 🙂 Mary Landis Thomas Well said. Strong does not necessarily mean intimidating or aggressive.

I agree with Mark Driscoll: I don't want to worship any Deity I could beat up. You wanna be counter-culture, totally alternative, radical? Rev. 5:6-13). Pingback: God is Dead | Redemption Pictures() micahjmurray I don't think Driscoll's view of Jesus is as much about being "to the right" as it is about being angry and obnoxious

I fear some are becoming more cultural than Christian, and without a big Jesus who has authority and hates sin as revealed in the Bible, we will have less and less