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Informix Cannot Connect Database Server

in your particular case...SYSTEM is probably a windows machine... These include:Single sign-on (introduced in IDS 11.50)Password encryptionSSL connectionsThese topics may be covered in future articles. This message appears prior to Version 6.0. 917 Must close current database before using a new database. This solution will work in all situations, networked or local. 918 Unexpected data received from another database server. http://pgexch.com/informix-cannot/informix-cannot-connect-to-database-server.html

Read 23 May 10 - SiliconIndia - IBM's smart metering system allows wise use of energy... If an UPDATE statement fails, the second message is -346. This would refresh the information that is cached by the first call.In fact IBM has a pending feature request about this. Typically customers blame Informix when it's not to blame (not completely, but more on this later). http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=968833

In extreme situations you can have weird errors in the online.log (-25xxx ). For more information on these files and the relation between them, try man rhosts on a UNIX system. Powered by vBulletinCopyright ©2000 - 2016, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.Forum Answers by - Gio~Logist - Vbulletin Solutions & Services Home Register New Posts Advertising Archive Privacy Statement Sitemap Top Hosting and Cloud

Conclusions What I tried to demonstrate in this article is how Informix interacts with the DNS system, if you configure DNS in your environment. Currently, the end-of-transaction (MI_EVENT_END_XACT) event occurs only within the context of a DataBlade server routine. Informix also doesn't require the user to be able to establish a session (ssh or telnet for example) on the database server at the OS level. Contact your system administrator, and ask for a check that TCP/IP is correctly installed and functioning. 908 Attempt to connect to database server (servername) failed.

If no domain is given, that associated with the local host is used. All this belongs to the system libraries, not to Informix code. For versions prior to Version 6.0, see the appropriate INFORMIX-NET/INFORMIX-STAR Installation and Configuration Guide for a compatibility chart. 922 Cannot get name of current working directory. useful reference Check that the INFORMIX-STAR or INFORMIX-NET software is correctly installed. 904 Authorization file not on licensed INFORMIX-SQL server.

Can you ping that server (machine) name from your Windows 7 box? HTH, Andreas Log in to reply. You supply a username and a token that certifies you're entitled to connect as that user.Typically this token is a password. The application is trying to access another computer system but failed.

The remote user cannot connect as another local user without providing a username and password.~/.rhostsThis file also includes a trust relation in each non comment line. http://querix.com/knowledge/error-number-900-999/ Ask your DBA and system administrator to verify that the server and network are operational. os que vierem a seguir irão sofrer atrasos. Let's explain this.

Again this is the behavior of the system functions (but not necessarily the end of the story....) So, hopefully I was able to explain how Informix interacts with the DNS system. weblink Thanks Andreas, I've used the server's IP adress instead of the DNS name and it works fine. Check the name of the connection that is specified in your particular connection statement (CONNECT, DATABASE, and so on) to make sure that you correctly specified the name or path of Not the answer you're looking for?

That's because a positive entry will be found firstLet's see some examples. Only one temporary table with a given name can exist in a session. If the problem recurs, ask your network administrator to run network diagnostics. http://pgexch.com/informix-cannot/informix-cannot-get-supported-data-types-database-connection.html So, in critical situations it may be useful that the DBAs can act immediately and add the IP addresses in the trusted lists.

Any problems in it will cause problems in the layers above, specifically in the Informix system.And that leaves us with the forth problem. The computer on which your application is running is not known to the database server that you are trying to access. RE: -930: Cannot connect to database server AttilaDan (Programmer) (OP) 16 Dec 04 11:08 EUREKA!!!!

Check that your password is specified correctly, and try again.

Contact the person who installs your Informix software. 906 Cannot locate database server (check DBPATH). For a Windows NT system, check your Client Installation and Configuration Guide for information about using Setnet32 to set the environment variables that affect client-server communications. Then accesses the /etc/nsswitch.conf.  Just keep in memory that it did this on the first attempt Then it accesses /etc/resolv.conf (lines 9-15) and finds the nameserver address On lines 16-25 it For tables we have INSERT, DELETE, ALTER, REFERENCE and for column level we have SELECT and UPDATEThe list above is not exhaustive.

In particular, entries in the system-configuration file /etc/services (UNIX) or \etc\services (DOS) have not been made. Proper configuration of a DNS system can be a complex task, and my personal experience tells me it's not very easy to find who knows how to do it properly. If the problem recurs, please note all circumstances and contact Informix Technical Support. 912 Network error - Could not write to database server. http://pgexch.com/informix-cannot/informix-cannot-locate-service-tcp.html The user tried to create a new object in an object mode that does not apply to that object type, or the user set the object mode of an existing object

But we can clear any of the caches by using "onmode -wm NS_CACHE=..." and using a timeout of zero. Este serviço é algo específico do Linux e eu não o tenho a correr. Check the native/ISAM error code. From the OS perspective they all look the same (oninit), but every one has a specific role and runs certain engine threads.

But what happens when something is wrong?