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Java.lang.classcastexception Cannot Narrow Remote Object Eventcontext

The most likely cause is an error in the network configuration of this machine.java.lang.AssertionError: Could not obtain the localhost address. org.omg.DynamicAny.DynAnyPackage This package contains classes and exceptions from the DynAny interface of the DynamicAny module specified in the OMG The Common Object Request Broker: Architecture and Specification, http://cgi.omg.org/cgi-bin/doc?formal/99-10-07, section 9.2. javax.xml.transform.stream This package implements stream- and URI- specific transformation APIs. The bean definition should be a bit different: Code: weblogic.jndi.factories There is an example on weblink

Here the class path must contain the necessary service provider classes, and these must be able to process the request bind or lookup operation. And no, nobody in Toptal asked me to write this panegyric post. 0 0 09/08/15--01:27: WebLogic CAT (classloader analysis tool) fails if the application under exam is FAILED Contact us about On the whole, I would rather have a less feature-rich chat, but more reliable and fast. javax.xml.ws.soap This package defines APIs specific to the SOAP binding. https://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/api/?javax/rmi/PortableRemoteObject.html

Comment Cancel Post kktuax Junior Member Join Date: May 2009 Posts: 3 #6 Sep 29th, 2009, 04:33 AM Solution found I finally discovered what I was doing wrong. The initial context provides a top-level view of the namespace and any sub-contexts reflect the hierarchical composite name structure.You can obtain a listing of the names in a context by using so you must do a reverse lookup of the UID...using the "getent passwd UID" command: id jcqpcuid=5010012(jcqpc) gid=5008728(jcqpc) groups=5008728(jcqpc) getent passwd 5010012jcqpc:x:5010012:5008728:Created by CentrifyEx Automation:/home/jcqpc:/bin/centrifyda One would expect "id" to be In my case the interviewer was extremely kind and this helped me a lot not to go totally in panic.

javax.sound.sampled Provides interfaces and classes for capture, processing, and playback of sampled audio data. this is my logbook of a navigation in the IT Technology ocean. Those needing community support and/or wanting to ask questions should refer to the Tag/Forum map, and to http://spring.io/questions for a curated list of stackoverflow tags that Pivotal engineers, and the community, If it is, then restart the administration server before trying to boot this managed server.

The naming service will not retain objects bound with the Context.bind() method when server restarts.We can use the rebind() method to solve the problem of bind() failing if a name is Methods in java.awt.dnd with parameters of type Object Modifier and Type Method and Description 74 DragGestureEvent. 73 Returns an array of the events comprising the drag gesture. java.awt.print Provides classes and interfaces for a general printing API. check over here java.rmi.server Provides classes and interfaces for supporting the server side of RMI.

javax.rmi Contains user APIs for RMI-IIOP. javax.xml.crypto.dom DOM-specific classes for the 63 package. Using the -D option, you can supply the JNDI properties on the java command line of an application. Constructors in java.awt with parameters of type Object Constructor and Description 30 Constructs an AWTEvent object with the specified source object and type. 29 NOTE: The 28 class is obsolete and

javax.print.attribute Provides classes and interfaces that describe the types of JavaTM Print Service attributes and how they can be collected into attribute sets. Get More Information javax.sql.rowset.serial Provides utility classes to allow serializable mappings between SQL types and data types in the Java programming language. I have no clue how much you get paid and which kind of projects you can work on. javax.swing.plaf.nimbus Provides user interface objects built according to the cross-platform Nimbus look and feel.

java.nio.channels Defines channels, which represent connections to entities that are capable of performing I/O operations, such as files and sockets; defines selectors, for multiplexed, non-blocking I/O operations. http://pgexch.com/java-lang-classcastexception-cannot/java-lang-classcastexception-cannot-narrow-remote-object-clusterableremoteref.html most likely a German, only Germans can love so much classifications) did an amazing job at illustrating all (most of) the JVM flags.He explained it all in such a clear and For me it was very rewarding to learn all those algorithms, and I found the tutorials published on Codility site tremendously interesting. Methods in java.awt.datatransfer with parameters of type Object Modifier and Type Method and Description 64 DataFlavor. 63 Indicates whether some other object is "equal to" this one. 62 Clipboard. 61 Returns

java.util.regex Classes for matching character sequences against patterns specified by regular expressions. Methods in java.awt.font with parameters of type Object Modifier and Type Method and Description 24 TransformAttribute. 23 Returns 22 if rhs is a 21 whose transform is equal to this 20's In Eclipse, check that JadClipse menu appears in Windows/Preferences/Java. check over here I do cd /home/ovab/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_Home and check that the installation is there.

java.util.stream java.util.stream.op java.util.stream.primitive java.util.zip Provides classes for reading and writing the standard ZIP and GZIP file formats. javax.xml.datatype XML/Java Type Mappings. LDAP security is based on 3 categories: anonymous, simple, and Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL).

Simple services such as RMI and CORBA name service do not support security.Most live J2EE implementations will make use of LDAP to provide a naming service that supports security.

The advantage of using unbind() over use rebind() is that you can verify that the object to be unbound is at least of the same type as the new object to java.util.logging Provides the classes and interfaces of the JavaTM 2 platform's core logging facilities. javax.swing.event Provides for events fired by Swing components. javax.xml.transform.sax This package implements SAX2-specific transformation APIs.

javax.xml.ws.wsaddressing This package defines APIs related to WS-Addressing. To do this, you require two pieces of information: the JNDI name, and the class of the bound object. The method removes from the namespace any bound names and sub-contexts with the destroyed context.More on JNDI NamesIt is conventional to use composite names to group related names. http://pgexch.com/java-lang-classcastexception-cannot/java-lang-classcastexception-cannot-narrow-remote-object-weblogic.html The mechanism for defining the service in code is via a hash table of properties passed into the InitialContext constructor.

javax.lang.model.type Interfaces used to model Java programming language types. javax.xml.transform.dom This package implements DOM-specific transformation APIs. Tuesday, October 03, 2006 J2EE (3): Naming and Directory Services Naming and Directory ServicesA Naming Service provides a mechanism for giving names to objects so that you can retrieve and use As of JDK version 1.1, replaced by processFocusEvent(FocusEvent). 44 RenderingHints. 43 Maps the specified 42 to the specified 41 in this 40 object. 39 RenderingHints. 38 Removes the key and its

javax.sound.midi.spi Supplies interfaces for service providers to implement when offering new MIDI devices, MIDI file readers and writers, or sound bank readers. these flags might help: -Dweblogic.kernel.debug=true-Dweblogic.debug.DebugConnection=true -Dweblogic.StdoutDebugEnabled=true -Dweblogic.log.LogSeverity=Debug -Dweblogic.log.LoggerSeverity=Debug I could not find documentation of how internally WebLogic implements the RJVM communication protocol... (add new tag) Adult Image? The profile includes the 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, and 04 tags.